The heart shaped emblem stands for the spirit of unity. The dove symbolizes the Holy Spirit, the divine source of wisdom. The surging line at the top stands for the crests and troughs, the joys and sorrows, the successes and failures that characterize life. The half moon is the symbol of the Immaculate Conception. This place is dedicated to Virgin Mary and emulating her, let us all be pure in our thoughts, words and deeds,  The book stands for knowledge and the inscription Alpha and Omega signifies God, the beginning and the end. It also reminds us of the Holy Bible, the Word of the Lord, which lights our way. The coconut tree, the kalpavriksha, has a message for us. Every part of it is useful to man. Similarly, we can make ourselves available to others. The tree reminds us of Christ’s words… “Be in the world, but not of the world”. The ribbon represents the women we serve. The words  Accendere Lumen means “to kindle the light.” The lamps lit in our hearts must kindle light in other hearts, and thus dispel the darkness of ignorance from the face of the earth.
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