The College Council is an advisory body, the members of which are the Principal, the Vice Principal and heads of the various departments. The Council meets once a month to review the internal affairs of the College and offers suggestions for improvement. The members of the council are

1. Dr. Leena Mathew                  Principal & Research Guide, M.G. University

2. Sr. Aji Joseph S.A.B.S.             Vice Principal & H.O.D. of Chemistry

3. Dr. Rekha Mathews H.O.D. of English

4. Dr. Merly Zachariah H.O.D. of Economics

5. Dr. Agnes Jose H.O.D. of Physical Education

 6. Smt. Remya R. H.O.D. of Botany

7. Dr. Jinitha Varughese H.O.D. of Mathematics

8. Ms. Melby Jacob H.O.D. of Malayalam

9. Smt. Asha Susan Mathew H.O.D. of Commerce

10. Smt. Rethikala K.R. H.O.D. of Geology & Water Management

11. Dr. Mini Thomas Nominated Member

12. Dr. Rosamma Joseph     Nominated Member

13. Sr. Renimol Joseph Librarian

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