Programmes of Study offered by the College &  Sanctioned Strength

  a. PhD Programme in Economics

The Department of Economics is an approved Research Centre of Mahatma Gandhi University and offers facilities leading to the Ph.D. Degree.

Research Guides -    Dr. Leena Mathew
                                    Dr. Tessy Kurian (Retired)

  b. Post Graduate Courses

                M.A. Economics 15

M.A. English ( SF ) 30

M.Sc. Pure Chemistry ( SF ) 20

M.Sc. Food & Industrial Microbiology (UGC Sponsored)            15

M.Com. Finance (SF)    15
               M.Sc.Geology (12)
               Master of Commerce and Management.(20)

  c. Under Graduate Programmes 

Part I    English (Common Courses)

Part  II  Malayalam/ Hindi (Additional Languages)

Part  III Core Complementary
                         B.A. Economics Political Science & Indian History                  40

B.A. English Political Science 
         British History                                                    24

B.A. Malayalam (Vocational) Copy Editing,Printing & Publishing  24

B.Sc.   Mathematics Physic&Statistics                                           40

B.Sc.   Chemistry Mathematiics & Physics               20

B.Sc.   Botany (Vocational)        Food Microbiology &
Biochemistry                                                       24

B.Sc. Geology & Water 
Management (SF) Mathematics & Chemistry                        25     
B.Com. Computer Application Eng. P 1, Commerce Papers
  (SF) 9 & Computer papers  7                                 60

B.Com. Finance & Taxation(SF)                                                                               40

d. Open Courses  offered by the various Departments

                               (V Semester)

1. Applicable Mathematics - Department of Mathematics

2. Environmental Chemistry - Department of Chemistry 
3. Fundamentals of Economics - Department of Economics     
4. Agribased Microenterprises - Department of Botany     
5.Pathrapravarthanam: Adisthana Thathwangal - Department of Malayalam     
6. Physical  Health and Life  Skills Education - Department of Physical Education

7. Understanding the Earth - Department of Geology &W.M.
8. Fundamentals of Accounting - Department of Commerce

9. English for Careers -       Department of English

e.   Under Graduate Programme - Extended over Six  Semesters of Three Years - Choice Based Credit and Semester System (C.B.C.S.S.)

Guidelines on Restructured Under Graduate Education of Mahatma Gandhi University :

  • The existing Under Graduate System shall be restructured by introducing Semester System, Choice Based Course - Credit System, Continous Assessment and Grading with effect from 2009-10.

  •         Each Academic year will have two semesters. The entire U.G. 
Programme will have six semesters. There shall be 90 working days in each semester spread over 18 five-day working weeks. There will be five contact hours each day and a total of 450 contact hours in a semester. The time table may be set according to the day order system to provide optimal distribution of contact hours for all courses.

  •       The structure of semester courses shall be as follows
 Common courses, which will include compulsory courses in English and additional languages and general courses, a selection of which should be common to all programmes irrespective of the subject of specialization.
Core courses including methodology courses and courses on the subject of specialization, one elective and one project which will be compulsory for all students doing a particular programme.
Complementary courses, which include the study of which would complement the study of the subject of specialization, which shall be compulsory for all students doing a particular programme.
Open courses, which include all courses other than courses in the area of specialization of the student concerned, the choice of which will be decided by preferences of students and availability of teachers.

  •      The number of credits and their distribution among various categories of courses would be as follows:
Common Courses                                                           38

Core Courses and complementary courses 78

Open Courses 04

        TOTAL 120

Assessment : External & Internal

Examination : There shall be both continuous internal evaluation and end semester external                                                        examination.The ratio between internal and external  examinations shall be 1:3.

Attendance : 75% attendance shall be compulsory for    
                          appearing for external examination.

: The ratio of end-semester external examination       
                        to continuous internal assessment would be as follows: 

  •   End-Semester Assessment : 75%
  •                      Continuous Assessment : 25%

Components of continuous Assessment would be as follows:

Class tests :  10%

Assignment :  10%

Seminar/Group Disscussion :  5%

Internal and External examinations will be assessed through Direct Grading of individual answers on a five point scale and final certification on a seven point scale.

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