1)  Tuition Fee for the various classes in the college is payable in two installments on dates shown in the              college calendar.
B.A./B.Sc. Rs. 1000/- M.A. Rs. 1800/-

2)  Admission Fee Rs. 75 for degree and Rs. 150 for P.G. to be paid at the begining of the course.

3)  Special Fee payable by those concerned along with the first installment

                                                                     Degree Post Graduate

Library                                                       Rs. 100 Rs. 100

Athletic       Rs. 100 Rs. 100

Stationery       Rs. 50 Rs. 50

Calendar       Rs. 30                   Rs. 30

Magazine       Rs. 50 Rs. 50

Audio Visual       Rs. 25                   Rs. 25

Association       Rs. 50 Rs. 50

Medical Inspection Rs.  5 Rs. 5

Students Aid Fund Rs.  5 Rs. 5

Women’s Study       Rs.  5 Rs. 5

University Union       Rs. 50                   Rs. 50

Uty. Students Welfare Fund       Rs. 20 Rs. 20

Uty. Group Insurance Premium       Rs.  10 Rs.  10

Sports affiliation       Rs. 150 Rs. 150

Uty. affiliation fee       Rs. 300 Rs.350

Matriculation fee       Rs.100 Rs.100

4)  Laboratory  Fee - For B.Sc. degree Class Rs. 250/- for the main subject and Rs.150/- for each subsidiary subject payable along with the first installment.

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