Attendance will be marked at the beginning of each period by the teacher engaging the class. Late- comers may be given or refused attendance for the period, or marked late, at the discretion of the teacher concerned. 

 If a student is absent for one hour it will be treated as absence for half a day, and if  her absence is for two hours or more , it will be treated as absence for one full day. A student requiring leave for only a particular period may be granted such leave by the teacher concerned.

Application for leave for more than one period must be made to the principal in the prescribed form and it should reach her  by 10 am. When absence is due to some unforeseen cause the application must be submitted as early as possible, and in no case later than the first day of the student’s return to the college

Absence without leave from any examination or from the composition or practical work will be reported by the teachers concerned to the Principal. Leave of absence from a term examination should be obtained from the Principal

A student absenting herself for  a period exceeding five working days whether with leave or without leave should, on his/ her return to the college, report to the Principal

A student absenting herself without leave for more than ten consecutive days will have her name removed from the rolls and she may be readmitted on payment of College dues if any.

Every application for leave shall be countersigned by the students guardian and recommended by the class teacher or the head of the department.  

The minimum attendance prescribed by the University is 75% of the working days in the Academic year. Exemption from shortage of attendance ( subject to a maximum of 20 days ) can be granted by the Syndicate on recommendation by the Principal, provided leave has been applied for and granted for such absence on satisfactory grounds. Such condition will be granted only once during a course.

Duty leave for Physical Education activities will be granted only to athletes representing the college or universities in various matches, tournaments and /or sports events. A student deputed to participate in matches, tournaments and sports should submit his/ her leave application duly recommended by the director or physical Education for necessary action, not later than one week after the event. The maximum period for which duty leave can begranted to a student for sports and athletics is limited to 10% of the total number of working days.

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