1. Students shall endeavour to conduct themselves in a manner worthy of the students of the college in              their dress, demeanour and sense of discipline.

2. Do not enter or leave a class in session without permission.

3. When a teacher or visitor enters your class, you should rise and remain standing until she takes her                seat  or desires you to resume yours.

4. Do not disfigure college walls, desks or benches with writing or engravings of any description what                  ever and do not tamper with or damage fittings articles or furniture or library books. Those who                        violate this rule, will be punished.

5. Do not collect money for any purpose or circulate among students  any notice or petition of any kind            without the written sanction of the Principal

6. Except the meetings of the various college associations do not addressany gathering within the college          premises without the  special permission of the Principal.

7.  “Political activities are strictly banned in the college campus. Though the college promotes official or                 academic meetings, students are not allowed to arrange meetings with a political colouring. Students               are prohibited from holding strikes either in the campus or in the class room.

8. The accepted dress code is the College Uniform. Students should   wear the uniform on all days except            wednesdays. On  wednesdays, students should wear churidar with shawl.  Sudents are  expected to                dress themselves modestly. They are  earnesty  advised not to use transparent materials and gaudy                  colours.

9. In all matters of conduct in and out of the College you are expected to maintain the prestige of the                     college.

10. When you have doubts on any matter of college discipline consult the Principal before making your                  Final decision.

11. Use of mobile phones, obscene cinematic dance and fashion show in the campus have been banned                via G.O. No. RT/No.346/05/Higher Edn. Dtd. 1.3.2005.

12. Use of drugs and alcohol within the campus are strictly prohibited

13. Ragging is prohibited both inside and outside of the college.

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