Capability Enhancement and Development Schemes
  1. Guidance for competitive examinations
  2. Career counselling
  3. Soft skill development
  4. Remedial coaching
  5. Language Lab
  6. Bridge Courses
  7. Yoga and Meditation
  8. Personal Counselling

The Career and Placement Cell and the individual departments offer training in competitive examinations like NET, MAT, CAT, Banking exams, training in aptitude tests and the like. This has been a feature for many years now.

Career Counselling is done by the Placement Cell in a formal manner and by all Departments during their mentoring sessions. Expert guidance is provided. However this facet needs to be aggressively improved to meet the demands of the times.

Soft skill development is done by most departments by the faculty members themselves and in some cases with the support of expert agencies from outside. Public Speaking, Debating and Oratory, Interview skills, compering, making presentations effectively, confidence building, interpersonal interaction, handling audience effectively, stress interviews, mock viva voce and allied techniques are employed.

Remedial Coaching was always a regular support activity of BK College. Systematically done by all departments. We maintain attendance, we have schedules. It is done after and before class or on holidays according to the convenience of the students.

Language Lab was established more than a decade back and has ever since been used effectively for language teaching and learning. The software installed in the lab is learner-friendly. The UG and PG English students and the Open Course students use the lab regularly.

Bridge Courses close the competency gaps. The students as a whole are given short courses making them ready for the syllabus proper. We have a set syllabus and structure for bridge courses.

Yoga and Meditation are part of life on the campus. Formal and non-formal gatherings have yoga and meditation as an integral part of it.Training and performance, as a means of relaxation and as a sport, yoga is a component of BK activity.

Personal Counselling is taken up by the teachers and mentors and as duty by the trained counsellors. It is this interest by the faculty members that keeps our students force emotionally and spiritually stable to a large extent. This observation has its base in the feedback we receive from our students.

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