1. The main objectives of the society is to meet the requirements of thestudents and 
memebers of the teaching and non-teaching staff of B.K.college.it deals in textbooks, note books stationary and consumer articles at moderate rates.

2. Membership of the society shall be open to all students and memebers of the teaching and non-teaching staff of the college.There are two types of shares, A class shares of value Rs.10/- each and B class shares of values Rs.5/- each.A classshares, are exclusively for the memebers of the staff and B.class shares are meant for the students of the college.A student who gets admitted to the college is expected to take at least one B class share of society. In addition to the share value Rs.1/- shall be paid as admission fee.

3. The society shall be managed by a Board of Directors.The principal is the EX-Officio Prresident.The secretary shall be a member of the staff. There shall be seven more memebers on the Director including two from B class members. The election of the members of the Director Board and the Secretary is conducted as per the bye law of the society.
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