Custodian of the Policy: Research Committee headed by the Principal assisted by the HODs and the IQAC

Last Reviewed on: March 2018


The College has a Research Centre in Economics and in addition to this the faculty members and the students of all the departments carry out project work wherein they get trained in the art of Research. Hence the relevance of this Policy for the College.

Research Policy of B K College addresses the following aspects of research within the college, in compliance with the UGC and University regulations on Research:

 (1) measures for the promotion of research culture

 (2) Strategies for the smooth conduct of research 

(3) measures for the optimal use of research facilities. 

(4) Funding for research 

(5) code of ethics and

(6) conduct of research by students.

Code of Ethics:

The Policy strictly lays down that all kinds of Research undertaken within the College must be conducted in accordance with the principles outlined in the vision and mission of the College, in keeping with the guidelines issued by the University and that laid down by the UGC in its Research policy.

The College insists on originality in research and cautions against plagiarism and all kinds of malpractice. The theses are checked with the help of the software facilities available in the University library. All the doctoral theses of the faculty members and the registered research scholars are available in BKC Library, MG University Library and the Dissertations Database. Student- researchers must also comply with all the provisions contained in the Research Policy of the College.

Research enjoys a prominent place in any higher education institution, the College will take all possible measures to develop research culture in students and the faculty. The measures may include seed money for research, best research awards to faculty and students, incentives for paper publication, paper presentations in seminars, research methodology workshops, cash awards for submitting research proposals to outside agencies, TA/DA, Leave etc.

The College strives to establish optimum research facilities for faculty, students and research scholars. The existing facilities are always upgraded as per the recommendations of the Research Committee. Library Resource and Lab facilities are updated and quite in keeping with the demands of the times with Inflibnet and N’List to add to the web-wealth.


The College reiterates its commitment to foster Research Culture in the students and the faculty members and proposes to update requirements to ensure a congenial climate for the aforesaid on a yearly basis.


The Policy

The research policy of the institution is very significant as far as the research and consultancy activities of the college are concerned. This policy is framed, taking into consideration the requisites of the various stakeholders, namely students, the teachers and the administrative staff.  The key role in framing the research policy is taken up by the Research Committee which consists of the Principal, the IQAC Co-ordinator, the Bursar and U.G.C Librarian of the College, two research guides of the institution, two other Senior Heads of the Department and one Research student.

            As regards the research interest of the students, they are treated under various levels, namely the Undergraduate Level, Postgraduate Level and Doctoral Level (PhD).

            At the UG Level, the students are encouraged to undertake the group projects, which are of current relevance. The group projects which are part of the Curriculum for the B.A, B.Sc., and courses are strictly guided by the faculty supervisor. Students are also encouraged to publish their research findings in collaboration with their research supervisors.

            At the PG level, students conduct individual projects in their final year. Here the projects are taken purely on the basis of the interest of the individual researcher and the supervisor. The M.Sc. students of Chemistry and Food Industrial Microbiology are encouraged to conduct their lab, internship programmes in research centres of high repute. The M.A and M.Com students visit libraries, industries and centres of excellence for their research work.

            The PhD research scholars are provided a Research Centre and a full-fledged library to conduct intensive research. The Research Guide ensures the Quality of the Research and encourages the PhD scholars to do research in areas of current relevance. The research scholars are also encouraged to publish articles in journals and books with high impact factor. It is also the policy of the Research Department to conduct classes, seminars and group discussions as part of their PhD coursework either in two spells, for part-time scholars and at one spell for full-time scholars. The quality of research is adhered to specially before the submission of their thesis. The Research Centre makes sure that progress is assessed and pre-submission seminars are conducted in the research centre before final submission at the university level.

            At the teacher faculty stakeholder level, teachers are encouraged to do research leading to PhD degrees and also otherwise the teachers are encouraged to attend conferences and seminars on areas of special research interest. They are also encouraged to undertake research projects of their interest. The Departments are also encouraged to organize seminars with the help of UGC, CSIR and other agencies like the KSCSTE and similar concerns.

            At the administrative level, the non-teaching staff are encouraged to participate in seminars relating to new technology, On-line Submission & Distribution and better office management.

            Thus the Research Policy, which is guided by the Research Committee, ensures that the research interest of the entire college community is safeguarded.

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