1. The catholic students share in the church`s mission of witnessing to christ and co-
oparating with all men of good will for the task of building in india a student community that will be dedicated to the search of truth, the pursuit of social justice, achievement of high professional competence and a selfless service of the national and international community.

2. All they catholic students of the college shall be ordinary memebers and all the catholic members on the staff shall be its honorary members: assosiate membership is open to all students wishing to s3. The memebers hare in the catholic activities.

3. The memebers of the loacal unit elect a president, a secretary and a tresurer every 
year.if there arises some serious doubts regarding the qualification of one of the 
office bearers the decision of the advisor is fianl.

4. Each memebers of the catholic activities has to keep in mind that its activities are different from the work of any other student organisation.The spirit that should animate its memebers is not the spirit of self Bible study, First Friday Mass and General Communion are among the important activities of the CSM, which above all should be a praying and intellectually allert community.

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