The partially automated (2007) user-friendly library of BK College is any scholar’s dream. The College
   is a member of the INFLIBNET N –List Digital Library consortium. The N- list programme provides
   access to full text e- resources from Academic societies, commercial publishers and aggregators. Total
   number of e resources accessible is 31, 39309 e- books and 6094 e-journals and bibliographic databases.
   51,000 books and 35 journals are available on stack.
  • The Software that is in vogue here is SOUL, Version: 1.0.OPAC is the main tool to provide access to the library collection.The users can search author wise, title wise, subject wise and accession number wise.
  • In the College Website in the link Library, newspapers, encyclopedias, dictionaries and easy access web portal links are provided. The website also provides information about resources sources, rules and regulations.
  • The Library building is centrally located, well laid out, and aesthetically designed to make it an
    inviting place with an ambience that is best suited for learning and scholarship with provision for
    both individual and group study making room for interaction, discussion and quiet and serious
    academic activity.

  • Adequate space is provided for browsing and relaxed reading. Libraries also have research
    scholars/faculty rooms.

  • The building is fire-safe. Library buildings have ramps for easy and convenient access to differentlyabled users.

  • Computers, printers and reprographic facility are available in the library
    Library offers integrated support for total academic pursuit.

  • Book purchase is made on the recommendations of the respective departments, as per syllabus
    revision and need of the students.

  • UGC grants are optimally utilized. The college makes necessary arrangements for visiting
    international Book Fairs and purchasing books.

  • Orientation programme by the librarian for each batch at the beginning of the Semester with the
    help of power point presentations on effective use of library and resources is an innovative practice.

  • Ready reference service is offered to the students and staff for the retrieval of information, articles
    and books.

  • There is a welcome desk for guidance and display of new arrivals.
    Signboard, Information and Display facility are provided.

  • Publishers’ catalogues are made available to the departments to facilitate book selection

  • Separate section of materials for preparation for competitive exams and interviews.

  • A good collection of Audio visual materials 
  • Access for retired teachers, former students and restricted entry to the public

  • We offer help to Library Science students of M G University for data collection and analysis

  • Exhibition of related books in connection with important days

  • Inspirational quotes displayed.

  • Best library user award to foster reading habit

  • The Librarian conducts sessions on access to e-resources for the faculty members.

  • Copies ofPh.D theses, M.Phil Dissertations, Minor Research Projects, PG projects, Seminar
    Proceedings in the form of Journals and such other specialist publications are kept in the Library
    for ready reference.

  • Newspaper reading is encouraged by providing facilities inside the library and also at many
    strategic reading points in the college building.
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